Maria "Chayita" Lopez, Mexico

Maria "Chayita" Lopez

Age: 97 -- Birthplace: Guadalajara, Mexico

My father was an alcoholic and lost all our families’ money. When I was young, to help support my family, I rose early each morning to grind corn into tortillas. Shortly after I was married, my husband was killed. I raised our two children with the help of my mother while I continued to work. It was a sad life, but I’m here.

Lessons from life... "respect people, be grateful for life, have compassion for others, help those in need and get along with others. If someone needs money, even if I only have a penny, I give it to them.

I eat a good diet, and do not smoke or drink. I maintain an active life, I don’t stop, I just keep going. God is with me, provides for me, and so, I never feel alone.