Nlongi J.P. Mfwilwakanda, Congo

Nlongi J.P. Mfwilwakanda aka John Petelo

Age: 88 -- Birthplace: Balu, Congo RDC

My first pencil was my finger and the earth’s soil, my paper; that is how I began my education. My father was my hero and also my most important teacher. Most of what I am today is from him.

In 1961 I received a USAID scholarship to study in America. I was among the first Congolese students to be received at the White House, and honored to shake the hand of President John F. Kennedy.

Anyone who considers that skin color can create inferiority denies what God has done.

War is created by people who are not integrated with the word of God. Those leaders, even religious ones that create war, deny God and are manipulated by Satan.