Stella Gusman, California

Stella Gusman

Age: 97 -- Birthplace: Ranch Mechilinda (East Pasadena), California

A descendant of the original settlers (three families) who created the Pueblo of Los Angeles.

My folks were very poor people, and never gave me the education I wanted. I was held back, I wanted so much. But my mother was my hero and teacher, she taught me never to be selfish, or jealous of anyone, and to respect peoples' differences, never have prejudices.

I've gotten so old and helpless; it upsets me that I have to impose on my family. My faith in the Lord is great; he keeps me going for a reason. Every morning I say, "Oh dear Lord, thank you for another day. Bless all my family, and bless this house and make it a happy home."

My advice... be good to people, love each other and have a loving heart, dance and sing, live good, be healthy.