Cecilia Okekearu, Nigeria


Age: 87 -- Birthplace: Enugwu-ukwa, Nigeria

I've seen people forced to leave their homes, wandering with their children, staying in refugee camps. It is a horror. The killing is the worst, seeing dead people all over. Today there is no future for the young in Nigeria.

[I fear] kidnappers... because in Nigeria it is common. I abhor violence and never want violence to settle things... I prefer prayer. At the right time, God will come... have patience. The solution to war is difficult. God has prescribed our limits of what man can and cannot do. We are limited.

The biggest event in Cecilia’s life was the first time she saw a white-skinned person. I wondered where did they come from? How did they get here? How would they leave and find their way back home? I didn’t think they were real!