Rachel Lapin, Israel/Russia

Rachel Lapin

Age: 87 -- Birthplace: Balistok, Russia

Founder and President of Organization for Victims of Terror in Israel

I left Israel with my feet, not my heart. It is my heart where my Judaism lives. I love tradition; I remember the songs of the shtetl where my parents sang to me.

No one can say they have it all. Even with the loss of my beloved husband of 33 years I feel lucky. This is my destiny. I am left with a large basket of memories.

It is important to love and trust all kinds of people—this is the source of my long life. To lack trust is a disease that interferes with peace. No matter how much education one has achieved, or how high their elevation as a leader, if they act out of prejudice and intolerance...I call them ignorant!

I am blessed to have a roof over my head and to have children that are the most giving human beings I’ve ever met.