Shih-Yin Dai, China


Age: 97 -- Birthplace: Wenzhou, China

Never get mad at anything. Keep calm. Do not get Lazy. Exercise, I walk every morning and evening, and play ping pong...I keep moving. I love to have people come to visit and cook for them. I keep my curiosity and mind active, I love to garden, and knit for my grandchildren.

World peace is mine and everyone's wish. But it is impossible. Our world is filled with conflict and not everyone is treated equal. In my family I have 5 children. They all think and approach their lives differently. Countries have their own agendas and politicians have selfish motives. It is hard to sit down together, to co-exist.

Be serious at what you are doing, do your best, and don't be greedy. Step back from arguments, look at things differently so you can get to a solution.

I have nothing to fear at this point in life... I still do not feel old.