Anna Maria Munteanu, Romania


Age: 82 -- Birthplace: Sighisoara, Transilvania, Romania

We left Romania when our government demanded my husband, an artist, join the Communist Party. At that same time our son had fled the country…my husband and I were frightened and we left.

My time at the university did not prepare me at all for life. I learned intellectually, but grew spiritually from my life experiences and my reliance on faith. Faith has kept me alive. I have discovered that I am a child of God. My mother taught me, what does not kill you, will make you stronger.

Americans can never comprehend what happened in '44 when Stalin and the Communists began to control my country. I witnessed soldiers who loved to kill and sought agony for others. Scholars, intellectuals, and artists went underground or were arrested and disappeared. They were a danger to the system.

We don't teach our children what you want. You teach them by what you are. Our children are always watching us.

Ingredients to a long life? Infinite Love!